Hangouts & Hangovers Take 3

Having recently bagged myself a new job, it was time to celebrate! So off I headed to London for a weekend of celebrations... includin...

Having recently bagged myself a new job, it was time to celebrate!

So off I headed to London for a weekend of celebrations... including, food, wine, more food and more wine...

I headed down on the Friday, in the day I did a photoshoot with the lovely Diana  for her blog. It was 27 degrees so London was lovely, hot, and very sticky.

After nailing our shoot we grabbed a bev and I headed over to Jo's, where the fun began.

We cracked open the Prosecco and got ready for 9pm as we were heading out for dinner at Bodo Schloss.

Safe to say the food was AMAZING - Chicken Snitzle - my fave, the most amazing potato salad, and soooooo much winnneeeee.

We ended up staying there till 2am.. totes was not the plan... we met the stunt double for the women knight from Games of Thrones... Cool! It was supposed to be a sophisticated dinner.. yep that didn't happen..

So on Saturday, we died a bit... and then we went to get pizza.. but not any old pizza.. only a 20" pizza would cure this hangover.. so crawled to HomeSlice.


SO yeh... that was great.. as you can see.. that's one epic pizza...

After stuffing our faces, we then met up with Holly and headed to Clapham Common to go to the best Ice Cream place EVER.. did I mention we ate a lot this weekend....

Known as the best Ice Cream in London... Nardulli's  is the place to be! The common is lush on a hot day, and literally doesn't feel like you're in London.. it's amazing.. 

Definitely shouldn't have gone for two scoops, my stomach felt like it was about to explode...

So after sunbathing, and Ice Cream, we went home to get ready for Drama that night..

I mean, I was hanging bad already, but pretending that I'm not a total grandma I powered through...

We got there, got a table and a bottle of Belvedere to ourselves, and our night was SORTED
I mean the club wasn't amazing... it's basically a re-vamped Whisky Mist.. but with the Love Island Girls there, our own table and bottle, we felt like we were ball'in so we didn't care!

So on Sunday I sadly crawled home, with the most horrendous hangover and got ready for my first day at my new job.. Sad Face... 

Cry Me a River, I'm back in the normal world of working 9-5 
Who thought that was a good idea?

Next up will be my fashion film with Pretty Little Things & Lucy so watch this space!

Thanks for reading

Pip x 

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