Weekend Hangouts and Hangovers

This weekend I paid a little visit to London, after having a pretty rubbish year so far, I needed cheering up!  And what better to...

This weekend I paid a little visit to London, after having a pretty rubbish year so far, I needed cheering up! 

And what better to cheer me up than; makeup, prosecco and a lot of dancing!


Saturday involved shooting with Lucy in the morning, then a sunny alcoholic picnic in Hyde Park for lunch. After getting a bit tipsy, me and Jo headed to get our makeup done at Bobbie Brown in Selfridges.

Super excited for our makeup experience - which is by the way absolutely free - Amazing! We headed to Selfridges with a quick bit of shopping on the way.  

Bobbie Brown Makeup Sesh - Selfridges 

Jo got her eyes done and I went for the radiant beauty.... Well it all started off well with us taking off our makeup and answering a series of questions about what look we wanted. Jo said she wanted a light subtle eye to open up her eyes and make them look bigger, and I just wanted a glam look for the evening.. 

Well Jo ended up with thick black eyeliner which made her eyes look smaller and my look was a bit too glam, with a lot of blusher.. We walked into daylight and decided sunglasses would have to be our new look! We ran home to re do our makeup in time for us to be ready to get out for 11pm and it took about an hour to get the eyeliner out of our eyes... Fun experience, but maybe not just before you're about to go out! 
 Jo wouldn't remove her sunnies.... 

Night time - Cirque Le Soir 

After re-doing our makeup, we headed out to Cirque Le Soir. It's been shut for about 5 months after a fire broke out in December.. Safe to say we were really excited to see what it was like! 

We had an amazing night.. great music, crazy acts and fire eaters, too much alcohol and so much dancing I ripped my skirt...FML.

It made it's come back in style, with completely refurbished interiors and a new layout, there was a bouncy castle, new acts.. a dwarf in bondage hanging from the celling.. yep that happened.. and of course some amazing burlesque performers. 

We were thankful for queue jump as the queue went all the way to the end of the street! With Cirque being such a favourite for many people this was kind of inevitable. 

Overall a tip top night.. equaling in me being ridiculously hungover on Sunday with one very sad looking skirt... 

My outfit on Saturday night was a Missguided PVC skirt & a Zara backless body 

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