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Today I will be sharing all my essential facial beauty products, along with some sneaky beauty hacks! I've never been very good at keepi...

Today I will be sharing all my essential facial beauty products, along with some sneaky beauty hacks! I've never been very good at keeping my skin good, after being a country girl, grooming my pony was more important than grooming myself! But now I'm getting old.. and I don't have any ponies, I guess I need to start looking after myself a bit better!!

I've been haul'in some goodies form Beauty Bay.. As you know, free next day delivery when you spend £50 is too irresistible...

Not all my beauty essentials is from my recent haul though.. some is from Primark! and all my Clarins products are from Debenhams 

Kicking things off with the beauty product that keeps my life together... Bio Oil only £4.50 for a 125ml bottle from Primark, an absolute steal! I've had a really bad eczema rash all over my body recently, and this is the only thing that gets rid of them, plus horrible stretch marks!

Not only this.. a little beauty hack that I have stumbled upon, I almost bought the Smashbox Oil Primer which is a staggering £28. People have reviewed this product to say it's great for chapped lips and dry skin.. which is kinda an obvious no brainer that Bio Oil does the exact same thing for a tenth of the price!
I use it under my concealer when applying my makeup and it works a dream! As well as applying it to chapped lips and and damaged skin..

Voila! A beauty hack and money saver all in one!

Next on the list is the Mario Badescu range..
I stumbled upon this brand when I was scrolling through the Daily Mail. Apparently Kylie Jenner swears by there Drying Lotion - so being the Kardash fan I am, I went and bought it on Beauty Bay.

It wasn't the miracle formula I was hoping it to be, however, it reduces redness, and stops inflammation, great for over night treatment. Using repetitively over night to get rid of one spot is the best way to use it.

Then after spending even more money at my new fave makeup website I got a free gift option when checking out! So obviously I chose the Mario Badescu products to go with my Drying Lotion.

I got the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser and the Glycolic Acid Toner. Safe to say I will be buying these products again! A lovely gentle cleanser, and the acid toner has made a visible difference in the amount of dry/dead skin on my face that I always struggled to get rid of. The smell is refreshing and it's really simple to use.

Love love love!

My go to moisturiser, serum and exfoliant, Clarins HydraQuench range is a refreshing, light but nourishing range, that is perfect for my skin. The serum is the perfect base layer for my makeup, it enables it to go on with such ease and gives me a real glow! The exfoliant is also gentle but abraisive enough to get rid of annoying dull dry skin, a once a week skin routine essential!

Last but not least
I will be Slay'in all day - like Queen B with my Slay All Day Setting Spray by Gerard Cosmetics 

After seeing it all over Instagram, I had to have a go!
The smell is AMAZING!! I got the lavender sent, it's so refreshing and calming, the menthol in it gives a real tingle sensation on the skin. I was slightly unsure about the alcohol being an ingredient, considering that this probably isn't amazing to have on your skin.. however it is supposed to be used to refresh your makeup throughout the day, and the alcohol would be vital to get rid of any unwanted bacteria.
Love this new purchase, with it being a really calming scent to spray early morning and just before bed.

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