NYX Soft Matte Lip Vault Review

Finallyyyyy !  I've managed to get my hands on the amazing Soft Matte Lip Vault from NYX cosmetics . After many months of lusting...

Finallyyyyy ! 

I've managed to get my hands on the amazing Soft Matte Lip Vault from NYX cosmetics.

After many months of lusting over these lipsticks, and begging my boyfriend to get me the vault shipped over from America, I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon the amazingness when shopping in Selfridges...

I had seen the vault many times on Instagram, but as it was only advertised on the American NYX Instagram, so I gave up all hopes of finding one in the UK.

But Voila!

So, for all you girls out there, who can't quite decide if the £85 is worth it... (There is a £65 smaller pack available) Here is my review.... Enjoy!


Good, simplistic packaging, runs in line with everything else NYX produce, nice easy access to view all the colours.

Colours & Selection 

Below are the range of colours available, by row on skins swatches
There's a good variety of colours, I would say there's more pinks than nudes and reds, which I think most people would use the nudes more for day to day, but still all amazing colours, with a couple of funky purples and blues as well.

Row 1

Row 2 

Row 3 

 Texture, Pigment & Product Quality

The smell is amazinggggg - they smell like candy

They weren't as thick as I was expecting them all to be, however, I know if they're really thick they're a pain to keep on all day.
I tried one of the nude/browns on and was really pleased with the texture, it didn't last really long, but I think if you set it with a Lipcote it would last all day - I have worn mine to work before and they've lasted all day.

I'm pleased with the pigments, they should only take one layer when applying to get the desired look - maybe two layers with the blue!


Finally, what everyone wonders, is the size the same?
No, I'm afraid not, the pots vary about 1cm in size difference
Considering they're £5.99 each to buy normal size they're over half price in the pack - winner!

Overall I'm really pleased with my Lip Vault, the product quality is fab, as most NYX products are, the pigments great and so is the smell!
The only thing I would say I was disappointed in was the variety of colour, ideally, I would want more nudes and reds, as I would prefer those over pink.

 I would give it a 9 out of 10!

To see the lipsticks on check out my Instagram @pipwphotos

Thanks for reading :)

Pip X 

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