Lunching in London

Soooo... this is another ' Hangouts and Hangovers ' blog post, however, there's no hangover with this one... I was a sophis...

Soooo... this is another 'Hangouts and Hangovers' blog post, however, there's no hangover with this one...

I was a sophisticated lady and didn't get so horribly drunk that I vommed on the train home... That's a story for another time..

So without the hangover, I've got some more hangout inspo for all you girls out there who love going to London...

My dear friend Christina is always making me jealous with all the cool and luxurious places she visits in London.. So I made her take me!

We visited the oh so fabulous Selfridges, not that I can afford anything inside it, but I can afford a cup of tea!

It is mega Christmasy this time of the year, with a whole floor dedicated to Christmas gifting. I was super close to buying a personalised Christmas stocking, but at £30 a pop, with myself, my boyfriend and our cat to buy for I decided to opt for the DIY option...

First of all; we went to the Forest on the Roof, which was lovely and festive, but super cold!
So it's a good job they've got some blankets up there!
Perfect for any time of the year, with its theme changing seasonally, you can snuggle up with warm blankets, mulled wine and some delicious cheese fondue (pictured above) what more could a girl want?
5 out of 5 star rating, I would make sure you wear a warm coat if you visit in the Winter though!

Next stop Aubaine

A much needed warm up inside with a hot bev after sitting on a rooftop in the middle of Winter...

It was hot chocolate heaven, with fancy French desserts to go with it.

Another great stop especially if you've had a long day shopping!

Aubaine and the rooftop are perfect for a treat yourself or a treat your mum day out, not too pricey, great food and great service. I would book a table if you can to avoid disappointment as both places were super busy!

Selfridges is great for you girls who spend your day shopping, starting from Tottenham Court Road and ending at Marble Arch, it's just before Primark, which you definitely need some caffeine before you take that challenge on..

You can see in one of my previous blogs how Selfridges is also great to visit before a night out, with free makeovers with certain beauty brands! Check it out here

Hope you girls liked this post, watch this space for another severely hungover, Hangouts & Hangovers Christmas special coming next week!

Merry Christmas!

Pip x

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