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Being an avid photographer I have multiple camera's which I use. I have the Nikon d7000 which is an amazing for photoshoots, I also h...

Being an avid photographer I have multiple camera's which I use. I have the Nikon d7000 which is an amazing for photoshoots, I also have a cheeky GoPro for some holiday underwater snaps. However even with all the cameras I have, I was missing a high quality compact camera to help me take some awesome shots for my blog.
Olympus PEN £399
Well.. Of course I looked into the Olympus PEN, which nearly every single well known blogger out there is using. The PEN is pretty and has great reviews about how good the photos are.

However I went to John Lewis the other day to test a few cameras out to make the decision for myself, and to be honest I was let down by the Olympus. The hype around this camera is that it was so good for blogging and taking self portraits - which is what I want to start experimenting with. The flip camera, faces at a 90 degree angle outwards or faces downwards, which isn't a great concept when you want to mount the camera on a tripod to take pictures or videos.

Also I found the controls confusing, considering I've got a degree in this shiz, I felt like I couldn't instantly pick it up and use it - which is what you must look for in all camera you buy.. I know there's a little bit of learning to be had with massive DSLR's but compact basic cameras should be easy to use for people of any ability.

Nikon 1 £299
I then considered a Nikon 1, being a fan of Nikon ever since I started photography, I looked into a Nikon 1. The reviews were great and the camera has a similar style to the Olympus which I liked, however only the old version of the camera comes with the wide angle lense which is what I wanted, so that totally took this out of the question.. To be honest, if you're an amatuer photographer this shouldn't really matter.. but I'm fussy!! 

Sony A5000 £299
Then finally, I tried out the Sony A5000. 
With great reviews online, saying it's usability and image quality are great, I had a go with it in the store and instantly liked it's ease of use and the screen flexibility. Which flips the whole way upwards, perfect for those self portraits or Vlogs. The camera offers easy to use options, which you can then adjust yourself using the wheel on the back. This is a great way for people who aren't that into photography to learn, you can experiment with changing the aperture and ISO to adjust depth of field and brightness. 

Overall now I've experimented with the camera, I'm really happy. It's really easy to use and the variety of shooting modes is great. It's lightweight and is great for flatlays, portraits and close ups - it even has a soften skin mode which is amazing for Selfies!
I've yet to try out the wifi mode, but I'm sure I'll get round to it soon.. 

See the pics below of where I've experimented with the different modes and options. 

Shot in Intelligent Auto - with Face soften on, timer comes on when shooting with the screen up and there's an option of 3 or 10 seconds.

 Aperture Priority Mode - You can scroll and select what F stop you want, depending on the amount of blur you want.

Perfect for flatlays - the flexible screen is really useful to get that directly on top view - Shot in Program Auto which lets you play with shutter speed and aperture - make sure to zoom in rather than move the camera too close to the subject, otherwise it doesn't focus. 

I would love to hear you experiences with compact DSLR's for blogging so comment below if you have any other brands you think are good! 

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Thanks for reading 
Pip x 

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