How to fix a home hair dye disaster - 4 things I learnt from dying my hair at home

S o I decided the other week that I would dye my hair at home using a drugstore box dye kit… As most of you gurls out there will understa...

So I decided the other week that I would dye my hair at home using a drugstore box dye kit… As most of you gurls out there will understand, it cost and arm and a leg to get your hair dyed, last time it cost me £120!! And me being cocky, I thought I could totally do this home dye business… Oh how wrong I was.

When Panic set in when my hair turned a luminous orange I decided maybe I wasn’t as clever as I first thought…

Here are some things I learnt from dying my hair at home…

1.     If you’re dying your hair blonde at home GET TONER!! The Boots ones won’t suffice, as they wash out after 6 washes. You’re best to go to a salon who sell a toner, the majority do and they’re around £10 a pop for a full bottle of toner mouse, most people go for Ash for when they’re home dying, because of the yellow tones you tend to get
2.     Leave the dye in for as long as it says.. or slightly longer if you’re hair is still slightly orange.. and DO NOT panic and wash the dye out early when your hair turns orange.. I did this.. yeh was not fun!
3.     Choose your box kit wisely… The Boots Highlight kit was one I would advise to get rather that a dye box if you’re wanting a subtle look. The Boots kit is literally the same blue bleach they use in the salon, so you’re less likely to go canary yellow
4.     When you’re dying box colours always go a colour darker than you want, one because it won’t be as drastic, but secondly if it goes wrong you won’t look like a light bulb like I did

Example A. How not to dye your hair... 


And for you girls who have already made the mistake I have.. Here’s how best to correct your hair at home without a hairdresser..

Ok so I confess I went to my hairdresser, with job interviews coming up the same week I needed to remove my canary yellow hair, so I looked less like Malfoy from Harry Potter, and more like someone who is actually employable!!

But after I paid a visit, I soon realised that I could have probably done it myself.. Maybe not as well, but for you girls out there who are poor like me, here’s how to rescue a disaster!

1.     If it’s patchy: Dye over with the same box of dye, but for a lot less time.. this can be tricky, as you don’t want to give yourself a chemical haircut.. As if that’s a thing!!! I stripped my hair first to get rid of most of the colour so it was just bleached hair left.. it took a lot of the orange out and left me with platinum blonde patchy hair! So that was a start. At the hairdressers, they just bleached my hair so it lifted to a more white colour.. you can definitely do this at home..
2.     For Orange/Yellow hair, but not patchy, get a toner from your local salon and tone the sh*t of your hair.. if you get an ashy one it will turn it more blonde.. I wouldn’t recommend the Boots ones as they don’t last very long
3.     If your hair is waaaayyyy to bright.. Get a semi permanent dye and dye over your hair.. I would wait a couple days or so though, don’t want one of those chemical cuts now do we?! The semi dye kits aren’t as strong so wont turn your hair to a complete straw bale so is the best idea for a total colour fail
4.     And if your hair is all of the above so; patchy, too bright and you look like a tangerine, then I would say this is one definitely for your hair dressers!

So girls, I hope you’ve learned a lesson from me… Platinum blonde hair at home is never a good idea.. EVER.. And if you’ve done it already.. don’t panic just follow those simple guides and for god sake don’t leave the dye in too long and end up no hair!!

 Hope that helped! 
Thanks for reading
Pip x 

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