Summer Holiday Beauty Haul

So it's just 2 weeks to I jet set to Corfu then Santorini so it was about time I got my beauty essentials in order for two weeks of tan...

So it's just 2 weeks to I jet set to Corfu then Santorini so it was about time I got my beauty essentials in order for two weeks of tanning myself in glorious sunshine. The one thing I hate when buying beauty products in store is the pressure by sales assistant to buy certain products. I much prefer to sit in my PJ's, shop online and read everyones reviews before I even consider buying a product. 

Here are some of the beauty essentials I grabbed online for my holibobs. 

 After seeing many Instagram snaps I had to get one of those M&S boxes worth £120 for £10.. and it's amaaazzinnggg. Well I wouldn't say that it was worth £120, but it's definitely worth more than your average Birch Box!  

Some of my favourite picks from the M&S Beauty Box is the Philip Kingsley Swimcap - I use his volumising shampoo treatment so I'm sure I'll love this! The cream is used to protect your hair against chlorine and salt water to avoid that frizzy summer hair, this is definitely something I need for my holidays! 

Another one of my faves is the Dragons Blood hyaluronic tonic - Great for hydrating the skin throughout the day and smells amaaazzinnngg! The concept is quite similar to my Slay All Day Spray but this spray has no alcohol in it which is something I didn't like about the Slay All Day Spray. Definitely something you can chuck in your beach bag for those sweaty beach days! 

I'm already a fan of the Ren products so getting the Instant Firming Beauty Shot was a bonus and I can't wait to try out the Percy and Reed Volumising Spray - My hair is so limp so I'm hoping this will work miracles! 

I was also pleasantly surprised with the M&S own Island Escape perfume. A perfect holiday perfume and with it being so cheap you will definitely feel better about taking this in your luggage rather than your expensive Chanel! 

I also did a massive haul of Clarins and Estee Lauder products, including BB Cream, Foundation (Because you will always need 2 shades darker when you get a tan!) Suncream, Blusher, moisturizer and of course all my freebies! 

The one thing I love about buying beauty online is the sheer amount of freebies! In store you practically have to beg the sales assistant to give you the tiniest sample of moisturizer. Well no more! I ordered both Clarins & Estee Lauder and I got silly amounts of freebies!... Not that I'm complaining! 

One of the freebies included was one of Vicky B's Estee Lauder foil mask! Which I've been dying to try since everyones been raving on about it.. so watch this space for a review! 

The M&S Beauty Box is no longer on sale soz guys! But the rest of the products you can purchase online at either Debenhams, Estee Lauder, Clarins or M&S

Reviews to follow, along with some sunny pictures abroad! 

Thanks for reading 
Pip x 

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